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Moore Chiropractic
Located in Seminole, FL
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Sports Injuries
It's Our Specialty - We Can Help!
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Auto Accidents
Recent & Long Term Recovery
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Welcome to Derek Moore Chiropractic

Our mission here at Moore Chiropractic has always been to provide professional, affordable chiropractic in a warm and friendly environment.

While many turn to prescription pain medications to reduce their suffering, our Seminole chiropractic care can provide relief without the harsh side effects that can occur with pain medications. Our patients normally feel instant relief and with ongoing treatment, are able to reduce their pain and often get rid of it entirely. Through the aid of our Seminole chiropractic team, we can help you get back to the fun of living again.

Visit Our Seminole Chiropractor For Natural Relief From Your Pain Or Injuries

At our Seminole chiropractic clinic, we use state of the art equipment to ensure that we are able to treat all types of pain and injuries. We offer many different services that have been proven to help our patients get relief. If you are suffering in pain or from an injury, we invite you to visit our Seminole chiropractor for natural and affordable treatment.

Seminole Chiropractic Care Services

Recent Incident & Recovery

An auto accident injury can occur in the blink of an eye and leave you in pain and unable to cope.

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It's our specialty - we can help!

If you have been injured in a sports-related injury, there are ways to find get you back into the game.

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GENERAL Aches & Pains
Start Feeling Better Today

Start a casual conversation with almost anyone and you will quickly become aware that everyone suffers from some sort of neck or back pain.

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Benefit From Holistic Care At Our Seminole Chiropractic Office

We pride ourselves in having a reputation for being honest and straightforward with our patients . It has been this philosophy that has carried this office through nearly 30 years of practice and made us well known in the mid Pinellas community.

We take great care so that each patient understands their condition and what treatment options are available to them. Medical referrals are made routinely so that the patient gets the best care available for a truly “holistic approach.”

Whether you are seeking Seminole chiropractic care for the first time, are looking for a second opinion for your current condition or are an established patient, we will go the extra mile to make your decision to come here a positive experience.

Our Seminole chiropractic office is here to care for you and bring you out of the grips of pain and back into a healthy life.

Satisfied Patients

Mike Calhoun
Seminole, FL

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t sold on the whole chiropractic thing, but my wife had gone and she was really happy with the treatment she received. So I went, and from the...

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Derek Moore


Dr. Derek Moore was born in Ft. Jackson, SC, and hi..

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