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Sports Injuries and Recovery

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Sports Injuries & Recovery

As you enjoy being active in sports-related activities, sports injuries can often occur, leaving you in pain and unsure of how to get well. Injuries can happen in any sport, even when you have used all of the proper precautions to protect yourself.

If you have been injured in a sports-related injury, there are ways to find the source of your pain and get you back into the game.

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Lisa V - Largo, FL

I must have been to ten doctors who said the pain was just in my head. Dr. Moore did a really thorough exam on me and came up with a diagnosis when no one else could. He’s got a new p..

David B - Seminole, FL

Dr. Moore and his staff treat you like your family. That’s a nice change from feeling like your just a number...

We Can Help You with Your Sports Injuries

Our seminole chiropractor understands the pain that you can suffer with any type of injury. It can be especially stressful if you are an athlete who has been sidelined because of your injuries. We are here to first diagnose the full extent of your injury so that we can begin treating your sports injuries effectively.

We offer the latest diagnostic screening coupled with modern techniques to get you on the road to recovery as fast as possible.

We Treat Many Sports Injuries:

ACL Tears Torn & Pulled Ligaments
Back Injuries Sprains
Breaks Strains
Muscles And Much More...

Instead of struggling in your pain and dealing with side effects that pain medications can cause, we invite you to visit our seminole chiropractic care office.

We will see you through the diagnostic process and all the way through your recovery. We offer many different services that can help to relieve your pain and allow your sports injuries to heal.

Treatments for Sports Injuries Through:

Diagnostic X-Rays Massage & Heat Therapy
Physiotherapy And Much More...

Contact us today so that we can set up your first consultation with our seminole chiropractor. Once your sports injuries have been evaluated, we will work swiftly to form your plan of care to provide maximum and sustained relief from your pain.

You will be back in the game quicker than you ever dreamed possible under the expert care of our seminole chiropractor.

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Sports Injuries & Recovery

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As you enjoy being active in sports-related activities, sports injurie..

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