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General Aches and Pains


General Aches and Pains

Start Feeling Better Today

Start a casual conversation with almost anyone and you will quickly become aware that everyone suffers from some sort of neck or back pain at sometime in their lives. According to the American Journal of Medicine, back pain is the most common cause for days missed from the workplace each year. 

Current research has shown that patients undergoing chiropractic care for non surgical back pain returned to work faster than their counterparts who treated with anti inflammatory meds and rest alone. In a large number of  cases, patients undergoing  chiropractic care were still able to continue working during their treatment periods compared to those who stayed home and rested only. 

Many of us hurt ourselves doing household chores or being weekend warriors, taxing muscles and joints more than they have been in years. Even the most seemingly light fall or sitting too long in a poorly supported chair can cause our spines to become misaligned and eventually painful.

One of the most common mistakes made by patients is to wait for a period of time after an initial injury to see if it will “just go away on its own”. These cases generally take much longer to heal because the injury is so firmly entrenched with adhesions and muscle spasms that early response to care is slow and frustrating. Overall, the majority of  non-surgical  musculo-skeletal  injuries we encounter on a daily basis respond to conservative chiropractic care.

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